The Perfect Playlist: Worship

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Perfect Playlist: Worship
On Sunday my boyfriend and I were in the car on our way back from the beach (or the Southeast Texas version of what we call a “beach”). He asked me about some of my favorite artists and it got me thinking about some of my favorite songs as well. I decided to share a few with you guys. So here are a few of my favorite worship songs that I think you should add to your playlist! 

O Come to the Alter by Elevation Worship

This has been a favorite song among not only me, but my friends as well. This song just makes you want to worship. It is just a good song all around.

Trust by Hillsong Young and Free

I just love Hillsong Young and Free. Every album they have made I have been a fan of. Which now they have two complete albums and a few singles here and there. The first album they made I played it every single day. At first my favorite song on this album was ‘In Your Eyes”, but lately I have loved “Trust”. This song is a great reminder to trust Jesus. 
Favorite Line: “I’ll never be alone, here in the unknown. The power of your presence fills my soul.”

Have It All by Bethel Music and Brian Johnson

Bethel is one of my favorite worship bands and this song doesn’t disappoint. The video is so neat to watch as well. I hope to one day see Bethel live in concert. Every time they have come to Houston I was out of town! :(
If you click the title of all the songs I have them linked for you! Feel free to message or tweet me some of your favorite worship songs!

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