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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Perfect Boyfriend Fossil Watch - in Gold and Silver 

Watches add so much to an outfit. I will literally put a watch on with anything, even nike shorts and a shirt. I was searching for the perfect watch to buy and then one day I found it! I wanted a watch that was simple, like a man’s watch but made for women. And then on Fossil’s website I found the perfect boyfriend watch! I had the gold watch on my Wishlist forever and then my amazing boyfriend ordered it for me. At the time he ordered it they were out of stock online so he called Fossil and they found the watch at one of their stores and shipped it to him. I got the gold version of the watch at Christmas and love it. I get compliments on it ALL the time and people ask where it’s from. I told this one girl in my class and she went and looked it up and ordered right then and class. It turns out that day they were having a sale on the silver version so I had to order it also. Now I have two fossil watches. #NoRegrets

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle - Moist

I know..I know..I am TOTALLY late to this hype over Aussie 3 minute miracle. I always see social media influencers RAVE about how awesome this three dollar purple tube really I had to try it for myself. It all started when I shampoo’d and conditioned my hair normally, then I reached for the 3 Minute Miracle, set my timer and let 3 Minute Miracle do it’s magic. When my curls dried they were so soft and bouncy. The product I also put in my hair, after rinsing the Aussie, kept my hair moisturized for days. (Side note: Curly hair only gets washed about once a week to prevent from drying) The week after I tried 3 Minute Miracle, I decided to skip a week and see what happens. Big mistake. It just made me miss 3 Minute Miracle all the more. I even got my boyfriend to give it a try! We will see how he likes it! And for only $3 I encourage anyone to give it a try!

Hot Tamales

No, I don’t mean the Tex-Mex favorite, I am totally referring to the candy. At one of my recent jobs, we had a secret stash of Hot Tamales in a drawer. We literally went through boxes of these red jewels a week. We always tried to keep at least two boxes, (at Walmart they are 98¢) rotating who bought the next box. People from other offices always came by to visit our candy drawer stash. I know this candy isn’t anything new but it became an office staple.

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