About Me

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hello Everyone! 

…or it could just be me

My name is Faith and it is nice to virtually meet you.

I am a recent graduate and my degree is in Marketing. I decided to blog because I had a blog before when I was in college but was so busy and didn’t have the time to keep it up. Now that I have graduated I can focus on blogging and actually have time to do it. 
I have also had many youtube channels, some still floating around Youtube. Hopefully I can one day find my niche on there too. But for now, I really like blogging and it’s my current creative outlet.

This blog will probably be a lifestyle blog so there will be a variety of posts. I really enjoy blogging so far and I have many posts planned out. I boutht a monthly calendar to help me stay organized. Hopefully you can find a post you like!

Feel free to message me, leave questions in my ask box, or even tweet me!
My Instagram and Twitter are both linked to the words so you can simply click them to find me​! :) 

Nice meeting you,


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