The World Awaits

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sorry for not posting last week but between finals, work and Mother's Day it was a pretty busy week. 

When browsing through Marshall's, I always find myself on the stationary isle. They have the CUTEST journals and they are not really costly. I always think is it anyone's birthday? Christmas yet? Maybe Easter? You definitely need an Easter journal! Okay maybe the last one was a joke. But I always try to find excuses to buy another journal for someone else or maybe just myself. So I found this cute little journal. 

The first time I didn't buy it. Because I found no need. But the second time I saw it I couldn't resist. So here's to the new life motto: "the world awaits." 

This statement is inspiring. I bought this journal to hold my blog and YouTube ideas. I hope that it will inspire me to take risks and share my passions. 

God has given us all passions in life. Some maybe still undiscovered. But I hope whatever I do in life I can use the passions he gave me to bring glory to his name.  I hope that my blog can inspire you to follow your passions as well. With my blog I hope to post my interests, memorable moments and hopefully cool adventures. God created everything from breathtaking sunsets to glorious mountains and YOU reading this blog. I hope that you can see how beautiful life really is. It all starts when you try and find the beauty in everything. 

So what are you waiting for? The world awaits!

Faith Hubbard

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